Spartacookie - student project

Spartacookie - image 1 - student project

Spartacookie - image 2 - student project

"I am Spartcookie."  "No, I am Spartacookie!"  

For my project I decided to do a Spatacus type gladiator battle with gingerbread men.  The two gingerbread men are opposing triangles, with the roman cookie as the bigger of the two triangles.  He is also bigger and more in the foreground because he has more power/is of higher status than the gladiator gingerbread man.  I also have the camera looking down on the gladiator to make him feel a little more powerless.   I tried to use contrast in value/lighting as well as color to make the two gingerbread men the focal point, and use a lot of diagonal lines to make it more intense.