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Rachel Perebooms

Letterer, Illustrator + Graphic Designer




First of all, I want to thank you George for your class. Great stuff!

For this project I choose a sparrow, I really love the little creatures but as it turned out

even though they are small and cute, they're quite difficult to transform into a simple and solid mark.

Normally I work a lot with detail, detail is very important in my work. So for me it was really a

challenge to make my mark as simple as possible.

I figured the most important feature of the sparrow is the characteristic markings in its feathers and I

really wanted this to be the most important part of my mark.

The tricky part of leaving all excessive detail behind


Scanning in and trying a few sketches first


Found my sketch to work with, tracing over in with the pentool.. last one in the right colom (hard to see because all lines are black, I dimed the sketch but it doesn't save the sketch dimed)


Changed a lot and often, this is my result. I'm very happy with the feathermarkings, much better than my sketches. To bad the bird hasn't very exciting colors. :)


Hope you like it, thank you for watching.

I would love to know what you guys think!


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