Sparks - Heroine character study

Name: Mira Thakur

Description: - 19-year old girl, Indian origin.

                      - Dark-brown wavy, long hair.

                      - Velvet brown eyes, wears glasses

                      - average height & body type.

Personality: - Fierce temper

                     - Extremely nice, doesn't like to offend. (Tries hard to make sure people like her).

                     - Gets easily distracted

Habits/ Mannerisms: - When angry, arches eyebrows.

                                 -  Uncomfortable with people who don't know her well. (Hence, very fidgety)

                                 - Shuffles her feet when nervous.

Background:   - Only child. (Extremely close to her parents).

                         - Has been brought up with a lot of values.

Flaws: -Temper.

           - Doesn't trust anybody but her parents. 

           - Uptight

           - Distances herself easily.

           - Indecisive

Internal conflict:

She knows that her parents will not approve of the boy she is attracted to. But she is stuck with him on a flight for 13 hours. She is confused whether to follow her head or her heart. 


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