Spark - Creative Leadership

Spark - Creative Leadership - student project

I've tried my hand at many things and the one thing that people have got the most our of and I believe gives the most value to society is teaching improv acting classes!

My biz is: ridding a culture of anxious ego driven decision making. Giving people a safe place to play, have fun and be themselves. I teach improv to non actors and encourage them to have fun and reflect on how they acted or felt and why.

It sells: A team building day for office teams encouraging better communication and act for the better good of the team.

I do this because: I have got so much from it. I enjoy running the classes and I see it really benefiting others.

It benefits other by: encouraging them to move out their comfort zone, believe in themselves, have fun and work as a team. I have been told by all students that they have really enjoyed the class and I'm always been asked when I'll put more on :)

thnk is a school in Amsterdam that are very resurch based and forward thinking in their approach to teaching leadership skills. I've been folowing their blog and read some of their books. I have no doubt that what they teach is based on the latest research in the area and is taught by experts.

Spontaneity Shop
Corporate and social improv in the UK. They have a waiting list on each of their courses because they are so popular and have various levels to work through. They offer proffeshinal training and team work office days.

Completely diffrent sector but their customer servce has amazed me. Most of the UK supermarkets are at the bottom of the ethical consumer guide and these guys get my food from local farms and deliver it to my door. I get free stuff in the box each week and recipies and if there is a problem they'll more than put it right. They have asked for feedback in person and taken it on board. I actaully have a genuine interest in vegitables from dealing with them.

London Meditation
I sort of already stuck a few businesses together here. Essentially encouring people to be mroe mindful of why they are making decisions at work and encouraging them to reduce stress above all else. I've personally witnessed people at the highest stages in business making aweful decisions because they weren't been mindful. And i've done it myself loads!

Frank Turner
A man who puts so much passion into everything he does. He keeps writting songs and playing guitar at every oportunity because he knows he loves it and as a result he makes the best music there is!

Continous research. I will keep researching and interviewing experts on various subjects and include them on my blog (currently empty) I'll also make some informational material to help let people know about why they should use me!

Outstanding customer service. I intend to remember everyones names answer any questons they have outside of class. Give anyone my personal email address and get continous feedback.

Unexpected rewards. I could make some home made snacks or smoothies for break times. I could hand out cards with games they could play at work before meetings (google talk about having fifteen minutes of fun at the start of meetings to get everyone in the right state, so they'd be cards to explain what they could do in those fifteen minutes)

Personal branding. Make sure I'm putting me in everything I do. And putting all of me in it. I'm a design graduate before anything else and I want all the branding to look great and have a personal feel. I won't send anything out or give anything out if it doesn't look great.

The greater good. (not sure if that's the correct way to say it, but it's something all my idols have) The focus is on what gets people to relax, communicate properly and feel and work well. And most of all to have fun. Anything that doesn't serve these goals needs to go away

Outstanding and magical: People I have taught have been amazed at how easy they can move out of their confort zone, connect with one another and have fun.

Needed: online communication and strees are causing people to communicate worse and worse and people are loosing their conenctions to one another.

Customer service: Getting continious feedback asking people to reflect on their experience and delivering above expectations. I'm also very open about how I have used the skils to improve my own life.

Unique opportunity: I'm passionate about continous research and reading everything that relates to this area. I belive action is the way to improve. I believe in giving student everything they need to find their own answers as oppose to trying to tell them what I have found.

Scarcity: I can only really teach 16 students at a time and be in one place. That's pretty scarce :)

How will I get consistency?
I'll be teaching all the classes myself so I'll see exactly how the students respond. My style of teaching involves a lot of asking the students to reflect and tell me how they have found each excercise and as a result I get feedback throught a class and after a lot of students want to let me know how it has gone. Having face time throught with each client for at least the first couple of years will teach me exactly how my teaching is been recieved.

Momments of joy?
I had an idea of having homemade snacks for the breaks. Some takeaway cards with ideas for 15minute games they can play at the start of meetings to get everyone out of their heads. And it would be great if I could call around and get vouchers for a local bar or something to encourage the students to stay after and talk to each other creating a social bond arround the group.

I've already run some classes for charity to see how much people will be happy donating and also so they feel more inclined to give feedback. I have sent detailed questionaires out after and had really positive responses. I'd be interested in teaching as a weekend fun event for a few more months till I have enough idea what excercises work best with who and then I'd start creating marketing material after that.

Rob Sutcliffe
Let's design stuff