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Sonja Schnatzer

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!



Spanish vacation memories with textures ;)

I'm really having a hard time uploading my results, as it neither works using the app or the mobile website, but all my pictures are on my mobile... :( 

But now I am back on my computer an hope I'm lucy and the pictures aren't to big again...

I did all my paintings using my 20 year old old school watercolors. Every day I go to amazon and look at the Winsor & Newton or Schmincke watercolors, but I didn't dare buying them by now. :(


And I used really bad watercolor paper. It is very rough and sucks the water way to much. So please don't buy it even if it's rather cheap at amazon. 


Here are some of my texture practices (I didn't have a zero brush back then):



Here is, what I made out of some backgrounds for textures, I didn't want to use for textures anymore. ;)


I wanted to create a undersea image which also could be found in the Spanish sea. Unfortunately the paper sucked the water up so fast, that i couldn't paint the big surfaces nicely. Moreover I missed that you hadn't painted the whole background...


The other project was inspired by a safari park we visited in Spain and the plan was to show in which comfortless environment the animals are held, but now I am not sure, how to paint the background...


Any tipps?

I thought, perhaps I could make something like this (the yellow/brown area). It's made like the galaxy technique, but only with very light colors, which do not react much with salt or bleach. I do not want it romantic, but the way it was and it was more sad than beautiful. 


The reality:


Thank's for any feedback or advice! ;)


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