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Spanish practice

I started wanting to share my knowledge of Spanish, since it is my native language and I'm fluent in English, as well as I enjoy teaching. I wanted to provide some space for guided practice for other people that was fun as well, not only for learning. At first I didn't know well how this site worked nor how to start with this project, but after some brainstorming I thought of making some videos talking about some aspects of grammar, like verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, nouns, etc. and that the people enrolled coul write poetry or stories based on what I could say in the videos. That way, by listening they will practice, as well as by writing. I will explain in English but also in Spanish. Now I know how to call my class and project and already have the themes I will deal with in each video.

1. Introduction

2. Adjetives

3. Nouns

4. Verbs

5.  Prepositions and conjunctions 


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