Tiffin Filion

Trying to be more creative



Spanish lavender doesn't work very well :)

But it's what I have growing right now so I thought I'd at least try and practice the weaving.  I only had white ribbon that was small enough so I used that.  But I did have a small piece of purple ribbon I used for the hanger.  Next year I'll see if the lavender you suggested grows in my area and I'll add it.  It'll help keep away the deer. :)


Striped off all the leaves and dampened the lavender so the stalks would bend without breaking. Yes that is a garbage tie, I didn't have wire. :)


Black was too wide so I used the white.


With the large size difference between the blooms and the stems this looks more like a drumstick than a wand. :)  But I found the weaving part easy.


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