Spanish Sing & Mix

Learn to sing in Spanish and get to mix your own song. Here's how it works. As you learn the lyrics to a song in Spanish, you'll be asked questions about the meaning of the words. Each right answer unlocks more of the song and new instruments and sounds for you to add to the mix. By the time you have mastered the lyrics, the song will be your own unique creation that you can share with family, friends or fellow app users. This app will be geared towards children, but any beginnning Spanish speaker can use it.

For purposes of this class, this first version will be only one song, but the fully developed app will have multiple songs at increasing levels of difficulty. At the more advanced levels you will be able to unlock the ability to record yourself singing the song so it becomes completely custom. There will also be the option to choose from multiple languages, not just Spanish. 

Jennifer Goyette

Owner & Talent Curator