Spanish Shawls

Spanish Shawls - student project

I'm excited to announce my first foray into printable art with my collection of Spanish Shawls (nudibranchs) and starfish on Society 6! Thanks for your help Elizabeth!

Life in the ocean is diverse, specialized and elegant. I've been missing the ocean and the amazing creatures I learned about during my adventures as a Marine Ecologist. I came across two Spanish Shawl Nudibranchs tenderly curled together, each displaying fascinating colors in their undersea romance - I had to capture them in watercolor!

Similarly, I have many fond memories of finding a starfish washed up on the beach, picking it up and exploring the spiny surface with my fingers, finding their ‘tube feet’ underneath, and then tossing them back into the sea. I painted a thirteen-pointed common starfish, marveled by the bright colors these creatures present.

Teresa Shishim

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