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Hayden Aube

Illustrator & Designer



Spanish Lynx

Hey All!

For my first Skillshare project I've decided to take on a Spanish (Iberian) Lynx as my Geometric Animal. After sifting through many potential subjects, (piranhas, frogs, hawks) I immeadiately knew I would have a blast when I saw this lynx.

I hope you enjoy :)

Step 1 - Reference






In addition to the reference images of the lynx, I've also posted some Spanish patterns as inspiration for my design.

Step 2: Sketch


I wasn't quite sure how this process was going to go but I found myself really enjoying it. In the end I kind of had to tell myself to stop even though I really wanted to keep going! As you can see I've only incorporated a little bit of the pattern motifs at the top of the head. I'm going to wait until it's digitally fleshed out and then add appropriate Spanish theming all over.

Step 3: Digital

Soon to come!


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