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Spanish App iPhone Screen Redesign

August 2, 2013

After asking several people that I know, it seems like people prefer the button based home screen vs the new navigation.  It seems like the "simpler" design desired.  I'm going to try a few more design.  Here's one that I did tonight.  Green seems to be hard to work with.  Wonder if it should completely go?

July 27, 2013

I created the the flow of my app in Photoshop.  In the center are the two home screens; the original green screen with buttons and the current prototype that I've developed.  The png is large so I'll include it here and place it on my home page (

July 25, 2013

I looked at the navigation screenshots on the pttrns site ( and read some UI/UX blogs (good read:

.  I liked the "dashboard" nav but it seems to have fallen out of favor.

Another option is the new Facebook slide out navigation menu.  Here are a few iOS implementations:


However I not sure how well it would apply to my app because I have the menu items that go to another navigation menu, and then to the final content.  For example, my Study menu lets the user choice the topic then

Study -> Food    -> 10-15 'food' words

                Animals -> 10-15 'animal' words

                House   -> 10-15 'house' words


So, for this week I built out what I thought might be an interesting screen.  There are 3 main sections, with the TableView navigation in the middle.

Here's what the screen currently looks like:

July 20, 2013

Several years ago I built a website It fell into disrepair and earlier this year I let it die once my hosting service stopped supporting it (still own the domain). However, three years ago I took some of the content and turned it into a simple iPhone app, which I've been slowly enhancing. The navigation on the website was a long left-sided nav, and the larger right-side displayed the content.

When I translated to the iPhone, I simplified the nav by using a grid of buttons with words (I have zero graphic ability) because it was easy, and I only implemented a small subset of the functionaliy. Now three years later and I'm running out of room for buttons on the 3.5" iPhone screen.

What I hope to gain from this class is a better understanding of good iPhone navigation by designing a 2-3 new screens, while considering the following:

* Make the Home screen both attrative and functional on a small screen.
* Limit the need to navigate more than 3 screens to get to content from home screen.

Here's a link to my app:


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