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Katrina Rodzon

Bartender, Home Chef, Baker and Blogger



Spaghetti Memoirs

In my blog I will talk about eating, drinking, working and exercise.

The overall theme/feel/message of the blog is balance. That could be balance across those categories, balance within (e.g., balancing only eating food that is majorly healthy for me with indulging in foods in moderation) etc. 


Develop Content

Earn money - through contracting work

Express Ideas- I want to share work ideas as well as share recipes, struggles, triumphs, etc that I have in hopes that someone else will be helped or at least entertained by them.

Teach others topics- I want to help teach others a different way to cook, how to mix simple cocktails, how to balance work and fun, how to be motivated to exercise, and how to push through the hard times. I want it to be REAL

Creative outlet- There are times where I just want to write about how I feel. I also use cooking as a creative outlet and I want to use the blog to share that. 

Document experiences- I tend to go a lot of places and do some cool things and I want to use my blog to share that.


Gender: Female, 20-50, professional, busy. Likes to cook, likes to exercise but values her career. Someone who strives to balance their life across eating good food, enjoying good drinks, a career and exercising. Someone that likes alcoholic drinks...not too girly/frou frou.


DO              NOT              =

Fun          Unintelligent             Creative

simple      Boring                      straightforward

balance   Unrealistic                Harmony

real          Depressing               Down to earth

quirky      Unorganized             Intelligent/entertaining

Brand Statement:

  1. Fill in the blanks of the paragraph below. 

____Spaghetti Memoirs_ (name of blog) is a __creative___(descriptive word), ___down to earth______ (descriptive word), and ____entertaining_____ (descriptive word) blog focused on providing content about __balancing eating, drinking, working and exercising in your life_____ (main topic area) to __young___ (audience #1), career oriented____ (audience #2), _females___(audience #3) so that ___they have help/guidance/commaradery on how to 'have everything' and not get burnt out__ (main purpose)

Content Pillars:

My blog is going to be all about balancing 4 main topics

1. Eating: Be it cooking or finding places to eat or styles of eating. The uniqueness is in my need to be gluten free, AND that I have dietary restrictions to prevent myself from becoming pre-type 2 diabetic again. This section will be more about documenting experiences and teaching others.

2. Drinks: It's always 5 o'clock somewhere and I love to mix a good cocktail to compliment a mood, a season, or a meal. This will also be about documenting experiences and teaching others. There may be the occasional 'bartender rant.' 

3. Work: Just like everyone else, I have a job that I have to juggle everything else with. I happen to be a security awarness contractor that does behavior modification and content development. I am also a female in the tech industry AND a first-time entrepreneur. This section will not only show my struggles that I have but also will be a place for me to express my ideas about the industry I work in.

4. Exercise: Even with as much as I do, I find physical activity completely pivotal to my health as well as sanity. With that in mind, it is still something I have to balance and sometimes there is struggles. This section will be more about documenting experiences i'm having with the occasional researched rant. :)


Topic: How Kathryn Budig creates balance in her own life.

As one of the most famous and active yogi's out there you not only travel all over teaching others but you have also embrased technology through yogaglo, social media, etc., making your life very public. You are a sky diver, yogi, puppy owner, explorer, and cook. While your mastery of yoga is amazing, I would love to talk to you about how you balance everything and continue to aimtrue, eattrue, and lovetrue. 

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