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Spaces and environments

Hello everyone!

I'm from Brazil and almost graduating from industrial Design. I saw this class through Matt's tumblr and was pretty exchited to join!

I have a Daily tumblr  (which returned to activity this week) where I post experiments, studies and some finished work. There be plenty of sketches for this class there

Most of my work has a more "painterly vibe" to it

Sky Pumps

But I really enjoy the more geometric art; the kind you would also see as a background for animations, . While sketching perspective excercises in this class I also want to learn these new styles.

So! here is idea 1 of 3:

The scene I had in mind had many diagonal lines I did not know how to properly handle in a canvas, so I started off with a very simple 3D model

Quick model

Then I played around with the camera to find a good angle

Finding the right angle

This process eliminated a good part of guess work I'd have to go through for the tilted columns that will be supporting the glass (7 vanishing points)

At first the scene was going to be a fancy deck in space. but I decided to change the location to somewhere more exotic. A tropical forest seemed pretty cool for the background.

Idea 01

Here I've added aditional details, decided to open the ceiling for a beam structure or vent, added a scale reference for foreground and middleground areas and made a quick greyscale. There are some tangents (too many maybe) next to the foreground chair.

My next step will be correcting tangents, adding more details, some furniture for the MG (middle ground) area and a very quick study of Syd Mead (I`m aimng for a mirror's edge/mass effect design).

Also sketching out ideas 2 and 3. will post them later on.



I enjoyed the concept behind the first idea and began ploting an entire facility. The idea was to create a decommitioned Biology research center with certain suficientcy like an antarctic station or the international spacestation. I built the general space and started looking for more angles to work on


I wanted the dorm rooms to be modular and within the facility. Unlike a submarine with no windows, decided to play the sci-fi card and have fake windows project a 3D environment customized by the resident (not aparent in this sketch, but I can add an effect of the 3D scenery changing through a portion of the window (from this rocky canyon to a starfield perhaps)

Haven quarters interior

The interior is still very simple. I`m doing some research around Yanko Design (great resource for sci-fi ideas) to see if there are any furniture I can use for inspiration. The ceiling also will have a bevel and perhaps a smaller, slimmer horizontal fake window close to it

What do you think? Comments, critiques, all are welcome :)


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