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Space pirate bunny


I did this sketch last year and as it was the theme I wanted to take advantage of my time and this lesson and finish it. Sorry about the watermark.


Here is my pen tool tracing.


This is the blocking in stage in Illustrator, not fussing too much over colour.


In Photoshop I limited the pallet.


Now the texture brushes. I didn't like the initial brush I chose so I ended up repainting with a few before I found one I liked. I used brushes I already had installed. This was mainly a dry brush.


Finally I added the texture and played with it with the blending modes. I also added a layer where I painted the scribbles and details. I went for a painterly look, probably more my style.

It was a lot of fun working this way. I didn't know about turning off the transparent pixels which was such a bonus! In the past I had been loading the shapes or selecting with the magic wand and saving the selections! This is soooo much easier and quicker! As is also Alt + Delete to quickly change the colours.

I didn't have as much time as I would have liked for this project but it was good to fly through it today just to establish what I learned so I don't forget.


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