Space, inspiring reads and found objects

Space, inspiring reads and found objects - student project

Hello Darlings,

My name is Catherine I live in England. I have actually started to write a manuscript though writing consistently is my biggest weakness. I started it end of 2015 worked sporadically on it until Feb 2016 and have not got back into it since! Here are some steps/assignments I've applied.

Step 1: Space
Still using desk in my room as work space with same laptop but have taken down the painting and postcards on the wall as they were visually cluttering. Using a pop up table behind desk to place notes so that writing space is uncluttered.

Step 3: Inspiring works
Aiming to finish reading Mr Van Booy's Everything beautiful began after. I'm a notoriously slow reader I began it before this class launched.

Space, inspiring reads and found objects - image 1 - student project

Step 5: Routine
My goal is to BEGIN and STICK  to my NEW writing routine next week. As Simon suggested writing at least twice a week my aim is to purely write 30mins one evening a week. Then in another evening of the week use that time to do research/plot planning/make notes as previously my writing habit mingled the two and I got distracted from the multi-tasking. I know that sounds like a teeny tiny amount of time but I'm hoping it will compel me to keep it up if it's such a small time commitment.

Step 6: Staying inspired
I did a mini write up about a random object explaining who it belonged to etc. It was about a Tippex mouse. Just a 4 min writing exercise to activate my imagination.