Space in a Bottle

Space in a Bottle - student project

#1 - Final piece (A5) I did after this class. Really enjoyed - this is a totally new style to me, but it's given me ideas for future illustrations of space/scenery coming out of all sorts of everyday objects.

Space in a Bottle - image 1 - student projectSpace in a Bottle - image 2 - student project

#2 - Class pieces: Left & middle. Right: something I did to fill the page/unfinished shape, thought I'd try something non-space related using the same techniques I'd picked up from this class (especially the objects-bursting-outside-of-shape style which is really fun to do!)

Space in a Bottle - image 3 - student project

Tools: A5 sketchbook, Uni-Pin black fineliners 0.05 to 0.8mm, Black Posca/Paint pens for filling large areas, and white Posca & gel pens for tiny details/corrections. 4H mechanical pencil for underdrawings.