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Space character

Hello ! So i am new at this !

Here is something that i will share just for the sake of my ideia, i never was a great reader books where not my first love lets put it this way the only books i read was the ones they gave me in school for classes. Now i started read and the funny thing is that i really enjoy it! why? ( a huge amount of ideias come bursting in my head and worlds and new things ) well for some of you that always read books i understand it looks funny and i can see how blind i was because i didn.t do it for so long time.  Anyway now as i said for the sake of my ideia,  i finish reading a week ago the book illustrated man by ray Bradbury, alot of space involved alot!  ( so yes! i want to create a space character  living in some kind of isolated place or something near that ideia ... ).

By the way sorry for my big text but it had to be done hahaha 

 I didn,t have my computer available when i did my first really raw thumbnails so i sketch them in lunch and when i come back home i use them as base for my second try at home at computer already :D

first thumbnail:

second thumbnail :

I read all the feedback! and i really think about it all and where i want to go whit this concept and i realize i was going a little off from the real theme, its about someone lost for a long time, isolated or kept in the place because is not to lucky ( space ship crash, got lost in strange planet, got crazy alone, someone wants him just for himself...)

So i got to work on it and try to make each character more unique whit there own background history, i fallow some advices and i changes my anatomy proportions and give some of the characters a little bit more life and a better ideia that is someone behind the glass ;)

third thumbnail: ( anatomy changes and pose fixing )

fourth thumbnail suit proportions:


I will try to upload more changes soon ...

hope to hear some feedback about the new concepts , and i am really enjoying other students works! 

I hope we get a nice community rolling here :)


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