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Space Race

Space Race:

Week 1: Intrepid space racer Biff "Lightspeed" Krutcher is among the elite space racers in the galaxy. During the Galactic Grand Prix, he is
inadvertently sucked into a wormhole and thrust into an unknown area where the laws of physics do not work the way he's used to. Now he has to speed
his way through this strange area of the universe and find a way to return to his own galaxy before the race is over. The picture above was the scene I

Week 2: I have implemented some rudimentary rotations, resizes and movement controls for the space ship. Camera follows the ship, and an enemy vessel
tries to catch it. Sun and planets have toggleable properties. I've been having trouble with the web player so I don't really have demos up yet, and
pictures won't really show the movement. My concept for the game has also evolved to less of a storyline game and more of a Trials HD type of race
where there are various space courses to travel and a fairly uppity ship has to navigate through the orbiting obstacles, getting medals for certain
times. I'm figuring everything out pretty well, I just need to work out some of the more complex movements, like objects orbiting other objects (looks
like it'll take some math to do that) and making the ship's controls more smooth, as well as allowing it to tilt. This is a very rough and limited
demo. Movement is with the up, left, and right arrows, and they must be unpressed before moving on to the next direction. Light can be toggled with the
L key. The bubble moon can be resized and will rotate by clicking on it. The color of the sun can be changed by pressing space. Find it below.

Week 3: The deliverable project was a breakout game. It doesn't particularly apply to Space Race, but is showed me a much better movement scheme, so as
soon as I can I will integrate the better movement into Space Race. Find it below.

Week 4: Due to an uptick in life's responsibilities, I haven't been able to update anything. I've worked primarily on the Doodle Jump project of week 4 and haven't
had much time to update Space Race. The concept has evolved further, however. The original storyline is back somewhat. The player is a galactic speed
racer who gets sucked through a warp in space midway through the race. Low on fuel, he has to maneuver his way through a course consisting of planetary
systems, black holes, nebulas, and other space anomalies in order to find the wormhole that leads him back to his original course. Using gravity to
slingshot around bodies in order to preserve fuel will be a key element of the game, as will timing movement through dangerous obstacles such as
asteroid fields. I don't know how far I will be able to progress this project using the free version of Unity and only free assets, but that is my game

About me: Back in the day I studied computer science with an eye toward programming in the game industry. Never managed to finish my degree, and now, a
few decades later, I'm flirting with game design once again, although I don't know how far I'll be able to take it. I am a fiction writer and find my
strengths are writing storylines and scripting quests and in-game events. I've done a small amount of mod creation for some of the games I play, but my
lack of ability with modeling, texturing, animating, and the like have kept me from being able to do anything amazing.


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