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Kirk W.

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Space Monkey Banana Chaser Phaser Blaster

## UPDATE 3 ## (most recent updates at top)

Okay I started playing with the background a bit and figuring how he might start getting close to the banana. First thing i want to do is figure how i can transition him from his hands walking to his hands reaching out to grab the nana. Then I want to take a step back and figure out how he can start moon jumping, then combine the two and get him walking, start hopping, then jump and tackle the banana. I think!

Anyway here's where he's at. I added some bounce to his backpack and this cool shiny shape moves on his helmet a bit better.

## UPDATE 2 ##

Here he is after first quick run through of the tutorial. Gonna tweak it a lot and redo him a bit more wacky i think and of course low gravity him and stuff! Faser, any ideas on low gravity mode? do i just slow a lot of things down? stretch it out?

## UPDATE 1 ##

I want to explore a normal walk cycle that turns into a low gravity space hop.

I'm going to have my chimp chasing the banana pathetically. But first he needs to learn to walk. I've set the stage for him and his banana here in about 2 hours. For my first step i plan to take out a lot of the background and just stick with a basic walk.

To Fraser, I'm curious if you think this is too ambitious of a design for the chimp. I tried to keep his arms and legs very simple with strokes and figured his head and body can be intricate enough. I plan to layer his chest a few times (backpack separate to bounce as he bounces, maybe his buttons flash, his ears separate from his head so they can bounce, etc)

I think the main objective here is to get a nice walk cycle that looks realistic and on beat and then turning it half speed or whatever for some space hops.

In my pictures I've attached, he's a bit on his bounce game, I intend to level him out and get him walking with some weight first. I just drew him this way to see how he'd look floating pathetically!

Will be updating as I go.


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