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Space Man character design

I'm designing a space man character for a small project I am working on. Here's a little info I came up with for the character:

human scavenger. loots ships for all sellable items. nomad. blue collar. Earth circa 2076. collection of different space tech, some new some old.

Here are my thumbnails thus far. Spent about an hour on these.

** EDIT - 10/04/13 ** 

Put in the gesture marks and added a little detail to the shapes I liked most. I'm going to start adding some detail in a little bit. This is the part I struggle on :/. Hopefully I get them to post worthy status today . Thanks for the feedback so far. :)

Alright art peeps...I refined 5 of my favorites. Had a hard time triyng to make certain materials read correctly but maybe that's because I was trying to add to much detail. I also started trying to fix anatomy and stuff....ugh...can't help it sometimes. And perspective is my achiles heal so i wasted time on that instead of blasting ideas on my thumbs. Once I got past myself and my anatomy/perspective ego, I was able to make some nice things happen :). So far my favs are 2 3 and 5 (formely D, J, and F).


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