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Cameo Anderson




Space Dog Concepts

I want to create a working dog for a space police force. They will appear in my writing :) These are thumbnails that I have so far. I'm realy looking for something that looks like a good fighter (can defend its handler or deal quickly with a good sized criminal) ... so some of my more silly looking thumbnails will probably be out!)

I think these might be a little TOOO loose so I did some more. I know what these things are in my mind but I don't know if anyone else can tell lol I'd like something that's like a space pit bull... dinosaur, alienish, thick skinned, armored/tough and mabye some prehistoric type teeth. Also, these second thumbnails have poses that aren't just  standing. One or two of these is a little too anthropomorphic, though. I dont want them to have any real human characteristics. I want them to be quite animal-like in looks and inteligence.

Okay, I bothl oved and hated all of my little silloettes. Narrowing it down was hard. I came up whit these. There's some dinosaur, bird, snake, lizard, and dog in these designs to varying degrees. I still want something that would be cool in a battle so not too slow and cumbersome but not too bony and weak, either. It's gotta have strength AND speed but stand no higher than a man (and ideally I'd rather they were close to the size of an earth dog)

Okay I refined the first space pooch cause hey... someone liked his expression and I kinda like him, too :) I will probably do all of these at some point, though, before I make the final choice on which will be the "official" version. The rest of these guys could be various aliens from her universe though.

The first dog here has just some simple armor on. The second one has collar and protective leg bands but I'm not sure about that. I don't know if I want them to look "owned". The third I think I would prefer if I hadn't put the collar on it! Those things on his back could either be jet packs or powerful lazer/machine gun type weapons that his officer/companion could control remotely. Also, the dog has its own helmet with lighting built in so he can never be in total darkness. Light could be remote activated by his officer, too, if the need arises. I didn't plan on the dog having all these accessories... but once I added them I kinda liked the idea :) But I think if I choose the third, I will refine it without hte collar.


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