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Space Contest: The Viewpoint

Hey Craig and Skill Absorbers,

Loved these lessons. I've been teaching myself how to use C4D for a little while and have been using Potatoshop and Illustrator for ages but I still learnt a tonne! Thanks very much Craig for sharing your process and being awesome.

I watched all the video lessons when the class started but never made a project, so a free saturday and the Space contest was a good little incentive to start one.

Here was my process.

First a pencil sketch.
A space traveller has traveled far to take in the very special view from the top of a cliff.

next i jumped into C4D and started building my scene.
I setup a camera so i always had one viewpoint I could quickly go back to. and placed lights and objects to fill the scene.

The ring of rocks around the planet is a morph cloner with a random effector to adjust positions and size.

I then made a another file to build the spaceship and dropped that into the scene.

I added some lights and luminace objects in the hope it would make t standout.

Next I added my little person to the cliff (more a gentle slope now. making a cliff face seemed quite hard to pull off with the landscape oject tool)

then once i added a few materials/colours etc. I rendered out the png with some added effects. Ambient inclusion and Global illumination to add some texture and extra lighting.

the render:

Next up Potatoshopping.

for the sky and stars I used abit of Processing (another awesome skillshare class if your interested) to make some randomly placed vector stars with different opacities.

Here are the resources I made - hope you find these useful.

1000 small stars, 500 stars and 20 slightly bigger brighter stars. -

And here is the final piece:


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