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Gabriel Lopez

Hi! I'm a student of design!



Space Cat Character Illustration Mood Board and Sketches

Hello Class!

Instead of a pirate character, I opted for a Space Cat!  You know, it's an astronaut cat in space.  The idea came from watching my cats run around the house.  First step though was to create an idea/mood/style board.  I know, the class suggests to do it on pinterest but I'm rather old fashioned and did it using this method.  I look forward to the next step!  Thank you!

And here is the second phase!  Some sketches for review.

Here are a few more sketches.

And now, I've begun making my shapes in Illustrator.  Thank you guys for the encouraging words.

The rendering process is so much fun. For this class, I will add no background but I sure will in the future.  My Space Cat needed some space explorer friends..haha.

I just couldn't help myself, since my main source of inspiration came from the older Little Golden Books...


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