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Space Case Girl

Describe someone in three words? No problemo! Describe myself? Uh... that's a little harder.

I settled on: Quirky. Squishy. Unbalanced.

Nope. No balance here at all. And I've been told I'm fairly squishy and lovable.

For this project, I ended up doing a lot of rough sketches, working through different ideas. The first group of ideas were these free-form blorp monsters.


Which, for some reason, Skillshare seems to think look better upside down. Poor little blorps, Javascript can be so zany sometimes.

I liked these little characters, but I wanted to do something with a little more purpose to play with. I went back to my words and remembered when someone said I was "a space case."

Which is true.


So a little alien girl with feelie-bobbers was born. Since I see the final output intent as print, rather than animation, I made her a little more complex design-wise.

Finally, I scanned and imported the image into the iPad app Procreate (since I tend to work on the fly), and played around with the dimensions and increased the skew a little more. A sherbet colored palette and some vintage comic book halftone patterns give her a bit more quirky look. 



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