Space Camp

Space Camp - student project

This is first logo project that I have done here. I'm still fairly new to AI. I haven't gotten the hang of the pen tool yet. 

I'm sharing some of the research inspirations and some sketches and attempts that I have done. Space Camp - image 1 - student project


Some digital Sketches.

Space Camp - image 2 - student projectSpace Camp - image 3 - student project


Below are some concept ideas:

I really liked this concept below in the dark square, I couldn't quite figure it out how to fix the balance of the upside V in the black square. Notice that there's an issue with spacing there? I couldn't get it to work. :( 

I really dig this idea though, the left one of the dark square space.

I didn't add the typography. At this point, just some concepts.

Space Camp - image 4 - student project


The idea here was to have a part of a tent on the top of the moon and three stars near it.

Space Camp - image 5 - student project


I really like this concept below.

Space Camp - image 6 - student project


I liked the first idea on the left and the last one of the first row. With the last one I didn't find the perfect "S". I also wasn't able to make the perfect "S" with a pen tool or curvature tool. I think it could be a nice concept to be explored.

Space Camp - image 7 - student project


These are my final logos:

I really like this logo below.

Space Camp - image 8 - student projectSpace Camp - image 9 - student project

These two below would be the winners for me.

Space Camp - image 10 - student projectSpace Camp - image 11 - student project

Thank you for checking out my project. :)