Space Camp

Space Camp - student project


I went for a simple logo mark revolving around space. I drew initial ideas in my head connecting certain objects like spaceships, astronaut helmets and planets.

Space Camp - image 1 - student project



Space Camp - image 2 - student project















I kept it simple and broke down the logo into some images I found on google to get me going in the right direction.

Space Camp - image 3 - student project


I wanted to go for a negative mark that was minimal. I used a triangular nested shape to encapsulate the rocket ship which turned out nice. 

Space Camp - image 4 - student project


Here is the final mark with some type and color. The purple and yellow are complementary colors and I wanted high contrast. It kept  the energy and mystery of the theme as well as was memorable.

Space Camp - image 5 - student project



Jeremy Mura
Graphic & Brand Identity Designer
Top Teacher