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Southern Saying-I'm Fixin to.

I am currently working towards my MFA in graphic design at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Part of my semester plan is to explore hand-lettering. I've also recently moved away from my home state of Kentucky and dearly miss that southern drawl with quippy little sayings. So, to merge both interests, I've decided to begin a poster series highlighting southern sayings. 

This is my first go at it. Crits and Observations welcome. 

To begin- I've started with a mind map of words I think are related to "I'm fixin to." Its difficult to tell on my sketchbook (my pencil markings are getting severaly smudged) but some words included but not limited to south, moonshine, whiskey, heritage, bottles, natures, wood, hand-made, well-worn, Kentcky, family, etc.

My warm up is also on this page sketchbook page. I experiemented with slab seried, script, black-letter, serif, & ornante, 

I also completed some research on some of the words in my mind map. A bourbon drinker myself, I've always admired the label designs and have taken note of their details over the years. Some images I've used in my mood are seen below. 

The next step completed were my thumbnails. My sketchbook is really smudging and it is difficut to read. Just like Mary Kate, explored more lettering styles, ornamentation & layouts.

The next step was to put my ideas down on paper. Below are some sketches that are a work in progress. I'm not sure which on I'll proceed with. For revised sketching and final inking.


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