Southern Exposure: The History of Hurricane Landfalls

I chose data set 4, so that I could visually show the states most impacted by hurricanes. A choropleth map seemed most appropriate method for that. 

I also have some secondary data mostly focusing on the southern states, but also other data based on the intensity of hurricanes. Though, I am thinking, that I should keep it to the southern states only, to keep the narrative clean. 

Here is where I am with just the choropleth information:

I don't have color, because when I sketch I try to do it without, until I have the idea fleshed out enough. 

Type treatment is just sketch form. When fleshed out, I was thinking something similar to the southern comfort label I used as the project cover. 

I want to use the space above the key for the additional data. Once I add color, I don't think the blank states will stick out, but I will be mindful of that. 


This is the first draft of my choropleth infographic:

I am on the fence about what other information to add to this and could use some help with what information and where to put it. The extra data I have is below and the areas I am looking at putting it is by the states themself (if applicable), or in the blank area left by the unaffected states. 

Extra data:
- Mississippi gets hit, on average (2.32), by the hardest hurricanes. 
- Florida has been hit with 2 Category 5 hurricanes: 1935 by "Labor Day" and 1992 by "Andrew".
- Only other Category 5 was Camille, in 1969, hitting Louisiana and Mississippi. 
- 2.40 = Average # of hurricanes that make landfall per year 
- 15 = Years with 4 or more hurricanes that make landfall 
- 3 = Consecutive years without a hurricane
- 1886 = The year with the most hurricane landfalls (7)

Thank you for any feedback you give, in advance. Any help is much appreciated. 


This is the final version of my choropleth infographic:

I decided to keep the second set of data on the same subject of the Southern states, so that it stayed within the storyline of the rest of the piece.

I did trim down copy to fit and as concise as possible, but I am not used to not having an editor around to check me. So if you see something, say something. Thanks!


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