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Katy Byther

graphic designer/illustrator



Southern Charm

ok! i think this is the final... went with the lighter background and redid some of my drawings... i think this is my favorite one at this point. thanks Elizabeth for the feedback! I agree that developing a unique style probably takes a while and lots of practice! I really enjoyed the class, and I love your work... thanks!


I've been messing around w/ my pattern, and I decided to switch the colors around and new a new layout... the last one just didn't seem very cheerful to me! So, I brightened up the colors and did one w/ a blue background that's much less dense. Not sure which I like better... I'm still not 100% happy with my drawings. I think it's just my style of drawing isn't quite what I want it to be. Maybe it's not my technique of digitizing that's making things feel cold to me... but rather my sketches. do these feel cold to anyone else? thanks for the feedback!!




Part 3:

I edited a lot for this pattern... the silver julep cup, silverware and napkin didn't make the cut. I think it might be fun to use those elements in a different pattern, but they just didn't seem to flow with this one. I tried a few different colorways before settling on this one. I think the dark background makes all of the colors pop. Here are some of the others that i tried:




I also tried one that was less dense, wiht more variation in the size of the motifs but in the end really liked the way this one flowed. Here's the other... it's not terribly different, but I tried to make the magnolias the focal point by making them bigger... and the rest more like supporting elements:


I'm thinking that I might go back and redo some of my sketches to make them more abstract. although.. maybe i'll just keep going and work on some accompanying patterns for this one. I wonder if using the silver for a secondary pattern would work? Or is it too different from this? 

Part 2:

I finished most of my drawings... I'm thinking I may need to add a few more because I'm worried that they're all kind of the same size, and I'm not sure how that's going to work once I start arranging them into the pattern. But, I started digitizing today, and used the inkpad app for the first time. it's the best!! i am kind of obsessed now, and there's something so satifsfing about using the stylus on the screen... it's so smooth, and I like it way better than a wacom tablet for some reason.

Anyway, here are the sketches:


and here is the digitized version... added some silverware and napkin to add some different elements... but not sure they're going to go w/ the rest of the motifs:


Part 1:

My project is going to be a tribute to my grandmother... she was one of the most amazing women I have ever met and recently passed away at the age of 92. She lived in New Orleans and spent all of her life in Louisiana. New Orleans is like home away from home for me, and it conjures up images of sweet smelling flowers, magnolias, large palms, warm breezes and mint juleps. I want to use lots of greens and maybe some muted pinks and yellows for this collection. 



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