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Southern Appalachian Cabin Merger

The 8 principles.

Below is one of the photos I have used as inspiration for my latest decorating project - redoing my rustic cabin by updating it with sleek and contemporary elements.

I've owned this home - a rustic cabin in the Southern Appalachian Mountains - for 11 years, but used it as a 2nd, vacation home.  I purchased it fully furnished, and did relatively little to update it over the years, adding just basic necessities.  

I moved here full-time 2 mos ago, and am trying to merge the traditional contents from my main home with the cabin pieces. Trying to bring some refined to the rustic - challenging!

As for the inspriation photo:  I love this room, and having watched Justina's first lesson, I realize why.  It has all the 8 elements - I am calling the charcoal chairs a color - sue me!  

I love that they used two disparate chaneliers, and they mixed sleek modern chairs with a rustic table, placed on a concrete floor.  It all reads as a fresh, electic, curated room - exactly the effect I hope to achieve.

Coffee Table.

Here is my Before photo of my coffee table.

This has always been challenging for me.  I generally like to have mostly clean surfaces, not a lot of small items - and that's meant my coffee tables always lacked pizzazz.

I knew about the rule of 3s, and I had a vase on this table, but had a relatively colorless snip of autumn cedum and a grass in it.  I have the previous owner to thank for the beautifully textured table.  I had the blue of the books, and the bling of the basket, but not much else,  We use this table - (1) need -to rest our feet, our drinks, the occaisional snack.

Taking Justina's advice to heart, here is the After photo:

I thought about the rough (2) texture of the table, and realized decorative elements should contrast - sleek, smooth, soft.  I also thought about (3) plaecement and the rule of 3s, and focused on bringing in (4) color and (5) botanicals.  

First, I walked out my door and snipped some evegreens and a few of the gloriously beautiful fall leaves from my yard.  Now you actually notice rhe (6) shape of this unusual vase.

Then, I brought in a green ceramic square tray, and moved a green leaf plate on to it - it had been on its own on a side table.  The green on green really works becasue the leaf plate is iridecent.  I added a hurricane from the mantle, with a gold glitter candle - (7) bling!  Then, I added a single leaf from the arrangement onto the tray  - 3 items, plus this brought a little life into the vignette.  

Next, I switched out the square rectangular silver basket for a round brass one, and added 9 pears  - now the green repeats 3 times.  

I think (8) pattern has always been solved by the graphic cow hide beneath the table, so I left it in place.  

I love the new look - it's sleek and has an organized feeling, something that's important to me,but now it's actually interesting! 


Here is my boring, boring sofa.  Again - an artifact from the previous owner, but it is leather, and it is also really comfortable. Don't love the brown color - it seemed like everything in this cabin is brown - but I have to live with it.  So, I added three ho-hum boring solid gray pillows.  What was I thinking!

Here is my after photo - full disclosure, all of these items wer pucharsed after I listened JUstina's video:

I would never, ever, ever have purchased that owl pillow before - but I love love, love it.  I also added a bewjeweled teal pillow, and an apple green textrued pillow - it repeats the green from my coffee table, and looks awesome!


I have always really loved this vignette - it's the only thing I feel I've gotten reallly right since I moved in.  After starting this course, I know why - it's got all of the elements in play, with a single exception - no botanicals.  

So, I've added some flowers to the vase - love, love, love.  i really does help balance the lamp, and bring some color to the otherwise-muted vignette.  


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