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South Yarra, Australia

My Hometown is Melbourne, Australia, but given the city has really nice branding: 

I didn't want to get influenced by that, so I've focused on my own suburb which is South Yarra.

It's a really beautiful area, it's super close to the city, but still has really nce parks, cafes restaurants and shopping. We have Chapel Street as a local shopping strip which has international and local designers as well as vintage shopping and cheap highstreet fashion. 

Fawkner park

One of the old trams, making it's way down Chapel St.

It's bustling, and busy, and accessible, however, there is a distinct sharp and classy edge to it. Like this shop Aesop, they do natural and organic beauty products, which are really lovely, but it's with a really crisp feel. So i'd like that to be reflected in my logo.

I'm working on the letters S & Y  and the numbers 3141 as that's the postcode. But i'd also like to bring in some of the older components; the historical trams and buildings.

sorry, my scanner is really bad.. it's the best i can do, unless anyone has tips to fix it up?



Here is some further work that i completed on the logo. I picked my favourite version, which was the S and the Y overlaid:

My Favourites are number 3, 5 and 8. On the right I thought it might make a nice repeated pattern for stationary, or wrapping paper.

Here is #3 in context:

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.


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