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South Coast Sloths

My logo is for the team I made up called the South Coast Sloths.

The "South Coast" refers to the area of Orange County, California which makes up Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and a few other cities where I have lived and worked for a while. I decided on the Sloths to mock how teams usually want to seem aggressive. I decided to embrace the sloth that just wants to eat, sleep, and enoy nature. 

Here is the moodboard I started out with. I really liked the college basketball teams logos, and I liked the colors from a Mexican baseball team called "Naranjeros" which means "orange pickers", which was perfect for a team from Orange County. I was really lucky and found that logo at a swap meet in Pomona. I always keep an eye out for inspiration. 

Here is the finished jersey

And on a regular shirt


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