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South American Air and beyond...

This is my first official attempt at creating something in Illustrator, having had little-to-no knowledge about how to use the program before this.  I decided to go with an old South American Air poster:  

I have already pieced out the basics, but have decided to go with a different color scheme than the original as I wanted to portray the lush vegetation of the Andes.  I also decided to add some detail to the massiffs in the background as well as to the 'fur' on the llama, just to provide more depth and detail and make the piece more interesting.  

I went ahead and created some of the letters just to practice creating lines, shapes, and removing spaces.  I see that we will be learning more official typography techniques later on, so those will obviously be swapped out later:


So I finished the videos and have continued embellishing the image given some of the skills that were taught since the original is pretty simple and doesn't allow for a lot of detail.  One of the inclusions is the geometric Peruvian pattern behind the plane: this was using the BMP conversion for textures explained in one of the advanced techniques videos.  I'm still not completely happy with the typography and wording at the bottom, so I'll have to keep working on those until something clicks:


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