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Sourcery Page

So I update this project thing step by step as I go along? is that how this works?

For my comic page I've decided to use an excerpt from Sourcery, by Terry Pratchett. Here is the excerpt:

He hefted the sock, whirled it once or twice, and smashed the Thing on what he hoped was its kneecap.

It gave a shrill buzz, spun wildly with its wings creaking open, lunged vaguely at Rincewind with its vulture head and got another sockful of sand on the upswing.

Rincewind looked around desperately as the Thing staggered back, and saw Coin still standing where he had left him. To his horror he saw the boy begin to walk towards him, hands raised instinctively to fire the magic which, here, would doom both of them.

'Run away, you idiot!' he screamed, as the Thing began to gather itself for a counter-attack. From out of nowhere he found the words, 'You know what happens to boys who are bad!'

Coin went pale, turned and ran towards the light. He moved as though through treacle, fighting against the entropy slope. The distorted image of the world turned inside out hovered a few feet away, then inches, wavering uncertainly ...

A tentacle curled around his leg, tumbling him forward.

He flung his hands out as he fell, and one of them touched snow. It was immediately grabbed by something else that felt like a warm, soft leather glove, but under the gentle touch was a grip as tough as tempered steel and it tugged him forward, also dragging whatever it was that had caught him.

And here is my script:

Panel 1:

Rincewind smucks a vulture-chicken-thing in the knee with a sock full of sand, while looking back at Coin angrily. Coin looks worried, arms raised to cast a spell. Around them is a huge expanse of sand under a night sky. Things stand scattered around, all facing a column of light in the distance.


Run away, you idiot! You know what happens to boys who are bad!

Panel 2:

Wide shot of Coin running towards the light, Rincewind still fighting the vulture-chicken-thing behind him.

Panel 3:

Close-up as a tentacle wraps itself around Coin's leg.

Panel 4:

Reaction shot of Coin's face as he freaks out a little.

Panel 5:

Shot from the other side of the light, near ground level. Coin lands face first in the snow, arm outstretched, the rest of him still in the column of darkness. An octopus-horse-thing leers down at him from the darkness.

Panel 6:

Coin looks panicked as the octopus-horse-thing pulls him back into the darkness.



Panel 7:

The Librarian's ape-hand closes on Coin's wrist.


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