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Pablo Contreras

I need 72 hr. days!



Soup fingers

I wanted to add some colour but wasn't really sure “how much”





Feedback is welcome


So I've just traced and inked my sketch. Did a bit of tweaking and thought I'd stopbefore ruining it. Inking was hard because I've got the shakiest of hands. Any feedback is welcome. 

Nov. 11th

This is where I am now. This is my refined sketch before inking. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

“Oi!  Keep your fingers out of my soup!”  

This is a quote from one of my favourite films, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.  While they literally had a pot of soup in the scene, what the character actually meant was 'stay out of my business / work'  and this to me resonates so much when it comes to my working area, whether it's my desk, my photo shoot, my kitchen or any repair around the house.  

I find disruptive when people put their finger in that smooth stream of creative momentum and make you lose focus. I guess I enjoy too much that state of trance :)


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