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Soundbud: A platform to connect with people at music shows

Problem Hypothesis

Music fans want to attend a band/rapper/dj show and meet people with similar tastes, but don't have a means to. 

Problem Assumptions

  1) Music fans frequently go out to music shows.

  2) Music fans are willing to connect with other music fans that they do not know at    shows.

Customer Assumptions

  1) Music fans are into a particular band/rapper/dj and have a developed music taste.

  2) Music fans are in a situation where they are going to a music show by themselves      and/or are wanting to meet other fans with similar music tastes. 


Build a landing page that concisely describes Soundbuds mission and prompt an action from the user to submit their email if they want to learn more. 

Goals & Measurements of Success

Goals will be to validate the idea of Soundbud with the targeted customer segment of music show goers. 

Measurements of success would be collecting feedback from 10 people (1/2 people interested would be successful). 


March 19th update 

So I tested my problem hypothesis in a three pronged approach.

First, Interviewed people at music shows about whether my hypothesis was an actual problem for them as music fans going to music shows.

Secondly, Posed the question "Would you be interested in a social music product that allows you to connect with people with similar music tastes at music shows" on the Q&A social app Jelly. 

Thirdly, Launched a landing page ( that concisely described Soundbud and called for an action to the user to submit their emails if they were interested in learning more. 


First approach: I interviewed 3 people and asked questions about what social problems do they have, if any, when they go to music shows. This probing question led to deeper discussion on what social situation they desire when they go to a show and people they meet. This led to the following insight: 1 out of the 3 people interviewed was interested in a product that would connect them to a music fan at a music show. The other two believed that it was nonsensical because they meet people at music shows already.

Second approach: Jelly provided the largest amount of feedback. After posing the question with a picture of the landing page, I recieved 10 responses. 50% of the responses said they would not be interested in such a product. 40% said that they would be mildly interested in this product. 10% said they were very interested. Within the mildly interested group, 75% of people asked whether the concept had to be solely applied to music shows. 

Third approach: I promoted the landing page ( through my social networks (Facebook/Twitter). On Facebook, I was promoting Soundbud to a pool of 500 potential users who have various backgrounds (music fans and non music fans of different race, gender, and age groups). On Twitter, I was reaching out to 200 potential users of, again, various backgounds. After promoting the landing page, I only received 1 email submission! 

Conclusion (Pivot)

So after looking at the data I collected through 3 channels, I came concluded that people would not be interested in Soundbud. The most valuable feedback came through the interviews and Jelly inquiry. The same rebuttal arised in both research spaces: "Why would I use a product to connect with people, when I could just socialize at the music show with other goers?" So I decided to pivot Soundcloud in another direction. I will use the feedback from the interviews and Jelly answers to pivot for a new MVP.  



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