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Sound of Color

I worked on 2 different songs to understand how wel I understand the Colors in contrast to the Sound.

Template 1: I chose an song by Pakistani Singer Junaid Jamshed, reason this is one of my favorite songs, because it is a romantic yet nostalgic and yet it is melodious and does not sound depressing.

I am not sure how well I had been able to justify the song with respect to colors I worked. For my first Template I used Analogous Color Scheme.


Template 2: I chose a sing by St. Lucia, Elevate

I sensed the mixed emotions such as Irony, Desire, Playful, and Refreshed because of the beats and sounds that really refreshing and you just cannot stop yourself humming to the music.


Not sure how well I have been able to put forth my learning of the class. Appreciate feedback from the class.




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