SoulToys - student project

Ever had a humble and rustic toy when you were growing up?

The experiences of playing with these types of toys are truly incredible and unique (quite different from playing with plastic manufactured toys) humble toys ooze with good old-fashioned character, style and charm.

SoulToys - image 1 - student project

My father is 65 and creates these toys (see attached images below, yes the images are humble as well) as a hobby and sells them at his local craft market. I have personally stood back in the crowd and watched children run up to these toys and find they are in ore and fulfilled with so much excitement and it reminded me when I had personally received these types of toys from my father. (Keeping in mind it’s a total different experience from receiving a plastic toy).

SoulToys - image 2 - student project

Dad loves designing and making these toys and I love the challenge of business. I envisage these types of toys to be replicated and produced from dads’ designs creating a brand that is cool for kids (right down to humble packaging).

I really wonder if there is a market for these types of toys that would recreate the humble experience or is my emotion getting in the way of practical thinking?