Soul soothing trip

Isn’t it a relief when you go for an outing with your friends, away from the boring and monotonous routines. Well, practically we seldom do as mostly we got stuck in our jobs, tasks to fulfill, pay visits to our neighbors or so.

Recently I somehow managed to go on a trip my friends have arranged. Most of the times it got even more difficult to get free when your friends give a call because we don’t have much time for ourselves. Anyhow, I can’t describe the peace and serenity I was feeling when I was there listening the giggles of some kids there and the ripples of the water, away from the technology world for a while.

The real enjoyment I feel is the enjoyment of the soul when you are fully satisfied. Sitting beside the lake when its waves touch your feet as if carrying all the worries and troubles away from you for a moment, is so soothing. The chattering of my friends and the people around, the green mountains and the clouds hovering over captivated my attention and I feel lost in them for a moment.

Maybe we want some change in our routines and lives but just because of our so-called busy life we just skip it. We would rather watch any movie or any TV series and spend hours and hours seeking for fun, least bothering that our souls and minds are not robots and they also need some ease. Some of us satisfy our eager of traveling by watching others on Instagram but not take a step.

Although I went on such trips often a few months back where I was much busy and couldn’t find any time to go anywhere but spinning around my routines. So I realized more than how much the enjoyment and peace is needed in order to spend some quality time for your soul.

Which places far and near, you’ve visited recently. If you share with me I will be much glad that we are treating ourselves as humans, not a machine.                                                                                                        


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