Soul Searching, 2013

I'm a full time (struggling) photographer that currently spends most of my time doing commerical work.  Although there is some portrait work involved, generally I am dealing with products and still life.  I feel I am strong at capturing motion (events, live music and sports) but have always struggled in the portrait realm.  I have/do work out of a studio but I am wanting to expand my visions beyond the confines of a black box with Profotos and try something different.

I'm very inspired by Annie Leibovitz and up-and-comer Emily Maye (  My hope for this project is to help sprout my wings as a portrait photographer which will ulitmately and hopefully improve my outlook on life, as well.  


--Annie Leibovitz

--Annie Leibovitz

--Annie Leibovitz

--Marko M Marila


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