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Maren Odenthal

Art Director



Sorry, I changed my name… and now I have to change my brand(ing design).

Hello everyone!

First of all: Faye, I really enjoyed listening to you. Because you are such a nice teacher, explaining everything in an emphatic and relaxing way. So, thank you very much for this course!

Having said that, let me introduce myself: Hi, I am Maren, I live in cologne (yes, that is one of the german cities you heard a lot of in the news in recent months) and I am a designer.

I have been working as a freelancer for some years now and used as my brand name „Design von Meßmer“. Well, to translate it for you - it means something like „Design from Messmer“.

„Meßmer“ used to be my last name. Furthermore my ancestors were knights, had a heraldic device and a „von“ in the family name, like „van“ in the Netherlands (really true! :-)). So, this made a nice brand and a good story…


Now I got married last year and changed my name (don´t cry, I knew what I did and he is worth it!). Thus, I need a new brand(ing) name…

Well, last year I started writing a blog „Sorry, I changed my name“ (in german, sorry about that, too) to let everyone know about it, talking about the wedding and stuff like that. It was just for fun and the experience of writing. Originally I wanted to stop by the end of the year. Changing at this point to my new website and telling everyone about my new „brand“.

Well, it didn´t work out. As I am not a web designer – I create graphics for events, trade fair stands and similar stuff actually– I messed this part up quiet a bit. I although started to think about nearly everything at once, which is never a good idea. So, lets say: first I got a bit confused, than I got lost and in the end I might have been slightly depressed. At the end of March I decided to stop this kind of s*** and find a way out of the labyrinth. 

Using skillshare was one idea to give myself more structure and some kind of a pressure point. I guess, it works out just fine and I am looking forward to your opnions.






I already have a good business and I know my clients. At this moment I am thinking more about the pro/contra parts, what I would like to change and how this might work.





Actually, this was the hardest part. Some time ago I wanted to use „Ode“ (like ode to joy), because my new last name is „Odenthal“ and I liked the short version and double meaning. But, I told a friend of mine about the idea using „Ode Design“. He said it sounds like „ödes Design“, which means „boring design“. Hm, not the best association... After that, I changed my mind to „Studio Ode“. But of course there already is a „Studio Ode“ in the Netherlands using .com – damn it!

At the end of the year I bought the domain „marenodenthal“.

But it never felt right to use just my name. On the one hand it is „too much me“. Having the trends about „personal branding“ and „entrepreneurs“ going around - it gives me the creeps. I am not a hipster! On the other hand it is not enough. Maybe this sounds crazy. But, usually I work on big projects always being part of a team. In addition to what I do now, I am hungry for some change, e.g. I would like to start teaching. I want to develop my skills and I am thinking about creating more information design to aquire my own clients. Instead of always working for agencys.      

To give my work the label „studio“ was a personal struggle. I had to grow into the idea, because it felt like a big step. So, after having done this course, I feel really good about it and decided to go with:

Studio Odenthal


Existing logos I like:



simple logo (type) design with a little creative twist

Whoever managed to look at all of this - thank you for your attention!

I am looking forward to your opninions and will start my own logo design now. See you on the second course, too...

Bye Maren


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