Sorry, I changed my name… and now I have to change my brand(ing design). Let´s start with the logo! | Skillshare Projects

Maren Odenthal

Art Director



Sorry, I changed my name… and now I have to change my brand(ing design). Let´s start with the logo!

As I already participated in the 1st course, you can enjoy my logo design brief here, again... :-)


Honestly, I was a bit too lazy to fill in the brand inventory form. I have a good feeling that I can manage all shapes and scales that are needed. But I put together two moodboards on pinterest. The first one with the topic "logo type", which contains examples like the logos I mentioned in the logo design brief. This ones: 



The 2nd moodboard is much more about corporate design itself. 


And I started doodeling:


While I was doing the 1st course I had the idea of working with an triangle optical illusion. As it switches between 2D/3D and you can not stop the play in your head - I kind of love it. 

But, during the doodeling part, I found another nice coincidence. That the short version of "Studio Odenthal" could/would be "So".

Parallel I think a lot about my title

- I have a design diploma (officially industrial design, but I never studied or worked like an industrial designer)

- I have a master of arts in exhibition design, too and this one kind of fits.

- But actually I work as a graphic designer in the field of exhibition design and clients tend to get a bit confused. I am not very fond about the title graphic designer alone, because I am good at creating concepts and working with architects together, thinking strategically and imagining 3-dimensional, too. The title graphic designer tends me too much in the direction - "make it beautiful and do it fast..." I hope I am not stepping on someone´s toes! It is just my experience.      

Some ideas for my title: concept & design

or communication designer

> and I think the "SO" works perfect with this :- )!

Let me know, if you have any helpful ideas or thoughts. I will update my process, when I have some more stuff to show you.

Bye, Maren



black & white, grey - blueish and warm, turquoise, something like cooper - hmmm, which looks way too orange here

cardboard and cooper as materials




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