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Sorry For Partying!

I wish I had more time this week to be more involved with this project but I've been so busy with finals at school. Either way I'm stoked to have found out abou this skillshare thing and am going to put forth my idea. 

The sport of BMX is in a very weird state right now. All the people who shouldn't be running the industry are in charge, and all of the people who should be the pioneers are being mocked. When it comes to clothing companies, there are no diamonds, hufs, or supremes in bmx culture. Instead there are only core brands, or brands who claim to be streetwear bmx brands but in reality just rip off of logos like northface, jordan, supreme, and etc. As for the top names in the sport, there isn't too many people who go out of their way to promote BMX to newer audiences. Skateboarding has its Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, Nyjah Huston, and so on. Those guys create culture and bring not only popularity to the sport but also money to help keep their brands they represent going. The only person going out there and getting anything done in BMX is Nigel Sylvester, but since BMX is still at such an immautre state people see him as a sell out.  He's helped bring BMX into a new light and get the attention it needs through fashion and hip hop culture, associating with people like ASAP Mob, Pharrell, Ronnie Fieg, and so many other talented people. I however, see him as an innovator in the sport, and I want to follow him in his foot steps towards changing the sport. 

Over the past few months I've been filming a BMX video going against the norms of filming. Instead of just having a handful of people get their own section I decided to mix things up a little. I wanted to start a project that brought everyone together, so I decided to film everyone I could get footage over the last 6 months. Theres pro riders, amateur riders, and even kids that no one has ever heard of all compiled into this mix. Theres a few reasonings as to why I decided to do this mix. The main reason was to get people to go out and get together to do something we all love. People seem to be pretty lazy and don't go out or won't try new things unless there's a reason to(In this case the its a camera to film clips) The next reason is that it's a cool way for kids who aren't sponsored or know any pros to feel like they are apart of something cool for once knowing that they're going to be in a video produced with all the pros they've looked up to for years. The last reason I'm doing this, is because this is my entrance to make a name for myself in the BMX industry. With all the problems going on in this sport, and just trying to have fun with this dvd, I properly titled it "Sorry for Partying!" After releasing the trailer I've been featured on Transworld BMX, and just about every other BMX media outlet out there. Hopefully after this video I'll have enough support to start up a cut and sew brand that gives off the essence of real street bmx and help make BMX as big of a sport as it should be. 

Anyways aside from the story, I wish I had the time to come up with a T shirt. However for right now all I can do is leave the logo that I made for my video. 

Sorry For Partying Trailer:


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