Sophisticated beauty blog logo & business card project

Hi All,

Thank you for this class, it is perfect - I love the simplicity of the process, including the way of editing, taking photo instead of scanning and beeing not so precise in terms of calligraphy alphabet. It helped me to move forward with my beauty blog logo projecting.

I use Gimp and Inkscape instead of Photoshop and Illustrator, so it took me a bit more to find the options and some of them are not present there, but still it is possible to make all the steps required to achieve the result.

First I sketched.


Then I  took a photo, edited in Gimp and moved to Inkscape. Unfortunetly there is not Expand option so I had to divide the fil in photoshop manually to get the words separated. It was the most time consuming part.

To get the final vector I used 2 different sketches and changed one letter from the 3rd one. I had to expand some lines as they disapeared (maybe this is the case only in taking photo instead of scan).


Then I as playing with business card project and finished with gold foil on black. I added serif font to make a contrast. I believe it suits my brand which I want to be a bit sophisticated, feminine, elegant but still alive  - that's why I decided to make handwriting as a main theme for shapes.


It would be great to have your feedback, especially what I colud improve :) Thank you!



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