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Melissa Iwai

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Sophie the Maltipoo

Finally have the chance to start this project! :)  We don't own a pet (much to the disappointment of my son), but Sophie is my sister-in-law's Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix).  

Here are some of her characteristics:


I hope to make an illustration of her that I can give to my sister-in-law.  She has two other dogs, so I might have to do them too...  I wanted to surprise her, and I have the most reference photos of Sophie.

I'm not sure how I will end up doing her fluffy fur -- I did see the new tutorial you put up, Anne - thanks! It will be a good challenge. :)  

Here is my sketch of her.  I combined two poses from the references.  I think I may put her on a blanket and make up a pattern for it.  

Here is Sophie with color fills, details, and shading.  I have to add bows and a background, and some texture still.  I loved that I learned few shortcuts I didn't know about! :)  My favorite is control-shift-c !! So helpful.  Also, I never worked with color fills or color overlay effects before. :)


Here's my finished version. I added a patterned ground and background.  I also couldn't resist adding "The Sophinator" lettering as well -- that's her nickname! :)

Really enjoyed the class, Anne! 



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