Soothing pieces

Soothing pieces - student project

Soothing pieces - image 1 - student project

Paul Gauguin, La vita e la morte (Life and death), 1889

I discovered my adoration for muted, natural colours after taking a look at my pinterest board. What i love about the piece above is the use of those very cool, muted nature colours in contrast to the fresh, warm oranges and red.

I also like the distribution of the two contrasting elements in this piece, it's almost like he was trying to portray the balance between melancholy and feeling blue and happiness and being full of energy. I also like the rough yet subtle textures and lines.

I don't know if there's anything that i dislike or that could improve this piece to be honest.. i love it haha


Soothing pieces - image 2 - student project

Title: Arm of the Seine near Giverny at Sunrise , 1897 , Artist: Claude Oscar Monet , Oil painting reproduction hand painted on canvas


Once again, the harmony and peace in the use of colours! Looking at this piece soothes my mind and calms me down.

Like the last piece, the contrast in cooler colours and warm colours is great.
I like the use of simple, soft shapes and absence of hard lines to portray the scene.

It's so hard to find anything i dislike in these master pieces. I just love the atmosphere and the space that is being used. I think that this piece has been created very mindfully and aware of the principles and elements of design.


Soothing pieces - image 3 - student project

This is a rug and is a part of artist Deborah Velasquez’s Inked Series


I tried finding something a little different than the first two pieces that i picked out.

This picture really attracted me. I really like how there are a lot of bold and heavy shapes and lines, but that amount of weight get's balanced out by the absence of color and therefor creating more peace for the eyes.

I like the rough and natural feel to this.

Again, no critique. I don't know, i just love all these pieces so much that i don't know how to find elements that i don't like.


Soothing pieces - image 4 - student project

Sorry i don't know who created this :(


Ok the last piece of my project.

Once again, i love the simplicity of the colours and the rough and more natural shapes and textures.


I finally found something that could improve this piece! I think that more space between the lower part of the painting (the man bowing down and the grave) and the upper part (the head of the older man) would lead to more space and more peace for your eyes to wonder around.


This has been a lot of fun. I discovered how much i love almost monochromatic and simple colour palettes and rough and natural textures, lines and soft spaces. Very interesting!