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Sonya DIYart

Writer, doodler, DIY art school student



Sonya's experiments

experiment 1:


I do like those markers (not as much as ink and pencil, though...), but I think they may be better for word art. Also, I'm not sure I've finished taking stock of my tools yet, so there may be more coming.

still experiment 1 – I have too many tools (and because I've moved recently some are still in boxes, so this class has given me an incentive to get some of the less frequently used ones out). Yesterday, I drew a bigger pigment ink and pencil flowery thing, today I got out the water colours and the Pentel aqua brush:


tbc :)


I like those little accidental monsters I created when I played around with the aqua brush earlier today. I like the ink and watercolour combo.

I've only had a few minutes every day over the last few days, but I hope I'll be getting on to experiment 2 tomorrow.

experiment 2:


As I've discovered I like the combo of ink and watercolour, I went with those for my cover page (confession: it's not actually my cover page because I didn't start a new sketchbook for the class – I know, awful, but I've only started this one in August and it's for me to play around with ideas and tools, so I think these experiments fit really well with what I've already done). I like that the "my" turned into a little waving monster and how "artistic" turned out – the pencil especially.

experiment 3 – self-portraits:


The eyes-closed one made me laugh loudly, but I'm actually quite pleased with the left-handed one. I think I'll do this more often.


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