Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches - student project

Here are my pitches!

A boy with hearing impairment loves to sing, to express with his voice. One night while he walks an empty street singing. He bumps into a girl who tells him something and walks away. He imagines the possible things she said to him, and soon starts questioning his own voice.

Art is never finished
A young artist backpacks and meets a girl on a bus. They chatted and parted in their own ways. Years after, he still wonders what’s her name, whether he’s ever going to meet her again. He creates a painting of her using his imagination to answer the lingering questions. As his memory fails him, he leaves the painting unfinished...

Shitty Calls
George enjoys looking for phone numbers scribbled on the walls of public toilets. Out of curiousity, he calls these numbers. As all seemed invalid, one of them picks up the call and asks for help...

Director’s Cut
A pornography film production company is looking for directors.
Brian gets the post but finds his ex-girlfriend as one of the porn stars.
He contemplates if he should take on the project, trying not to get distracted thinking about their time together.


I'm not too familiar with writing/plotting stories.
Left some of the story open as I will be developing the story as I progress. 
I also intend to shoot an actual short film with this screenplay... 

See if any of the stories above interests you and has potential.
Would appreciate your constructive feedback.

Thank you

Jun Lim