Sons of Hippies

The Sons of Hippies are a indie/psychedelic/ punk band based out of Florida, UN. Recently signed to Cleopatra Records in 2010, they are expected to release an album in 2013.

For this project, Sons of Hippes fell into my lap by chance. I am a hardcore psychedelic fan and as a graphic designer for Cleopatra Records. I am excited to be designing their album cover for their release as well as a rock poster.

The general art direction is indie/psychedelic. The band primarily focuses on a general black/white or sepia tone. I would like to continue on with this theme but add more dramatic flair. 

Here is my first interpretation of the direction. I wanted to gear the direction towards more modern/abstract indy vibe, with added grunge. 

More coming soon.

Full Bio here for SOH:



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