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Sonoma County

I'm from Sonoma County and Sonoma is known for it's wine, Snoopy, and good food.  It's not to far from the beach, has a river nearby, and tons of forests and wildlife.

Here are some pictures and attributes that I associate with where I'm from.

  • Fog(LOTS in the morning time)
  • Wine (vineyards everywhere and tons of tastings)
  • Golden Gate(it's the north bay less than an hr from the bridge)
  • Snoopy(there is a museum and ice arena in Santa Rosa)
  • Hot air balloons(every weekened there are tons of balloons in the sky)
  • Redwoods(there are forests and redwords all over the place)
  • Ocean & River(we have Bodega Bay and the Russian River both)
  • Sports(Sonoma County has lots of good sports teams that are nationally ranked)

Here are some pictures and stuff I was doodling with... I'm really unsure how I want the logo to look officially so open to ANY input or critizism! Thanks

I'll upload my pencil drawn pictures later but not very artisitic or creative... Inlcudes a wine bottle and a snoopy.


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